Hi, Nella here
I’m an Animation Director, Art Director and Illustrator based in London. 
I grew up in a tiny village in South Africa, raised by my artist parents who gave me plenty of encouragement to splash paint around and experiment with various storytelling mediums, such as illustration, music, comics, and film.
Most of my time is spent producing and directing projects at FeralChild.tv, the animation studio I co-founded with my partner, Rogan van den Berg.
I also love to freelance and collaborate with other teams and artists on projects big and small, helping to bring various directors' visions to life while learning from new friends.

I've never been one to stick to a single style. I'm all about trying new things and messing around with different visual approaches while honing my taste and eye for detail. It's how I've built and maintained a wide artistic and technical skillset, allowing me to comfortably lead and support my teams with confidence.

Available for freelance Art Direction and Design, Animation, and Storyboarding.
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