Libresse/Bodyform WOMBSTORIES
I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute my illustration and animation to the LIbresse WOMBSTORIES campaign and brand film that worked to de-stigmatise the various experiences that women have with their wombs. AMV BBDO and Golden Globe-winning director and producer Nisha Ganatra led an all-female team of animators and illustrators to create the honest and visceral film.
Watch the full film below with animation by: Haein Kim, Carine Khalife, Salla Lehmus, Roos Mattaar, Kate Isobel Scott, Laura Jayne Hodkin, Annie Wong, Aylin Ohri, Meagan Elemans, Molly Grace Lawton, Georgie Wilemore, and Nella Addy.
I also worked on creating a range of stickers and animations for Bodyform/Libresse's social media platforms, to represent various womb experiences. You can find the "Wombstories" sticker pack on Giphy or Instagram stories.
Generational Connection - "My womb feels like my mother"
The inner Cheerleading Uterus
The Womb Dwelling Gardener of Growth and Fertility
The Yogi Womb Dweller
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